GNL number 62

a report of doings at meeting #62, Sunday, July 16, 2012

This extraordinary Skippy meeting was held especially for our dear friend Adair!

We were all so happy to see each other, we sort of lost track of the CofS protocol —

BUT! this is what took place:

Some Skippies were unable to join us

  • Nancy was in Maryland
  • Sue was spending the evening with daughter Sarah
  • Erynne and Jill were attending their Monday night support group

Yet there were 10 of us: Anna, Jenay, Gail, Ann, Vijaya, Anoopa, Louise, Cynthia, Ron and guest of honor, Adair.

We met at Cynthia & Ron’s home on North Street and since it was dinner time, we decided to EAT before the service began… lots of delicious food and conversation — as always!

We did finally call the group to “order” and the invocation was dedicated to Jack:

“In 1970 Jack wrote that he strove to be, ‘Centered in God, free of egocentricity,
full of laughter and high humor; joyous; infectious in love of God;
and completely giving of myself to do what God leads me to do.’
Those who knew Jack well would agree that he lived his principles to the fullest.”

Jack Daniels, longtime community peace and justice activist and local history author, passed away Monday, June 25, 2012 at the age of 96.

Our topic of discussion — WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON IN OUR LIVES — started with Adair: (and I thought a Skippy tradition would work well here….the six wordy capsules!)

  • Adair: chose wrong house but right community!
  • Ann: OK with leaving retirement for semi-employment!
  • Anna: house mouse colony is great company!
  • Anoopa: staying with sister til August 22nd!
  • Cynthia: criminal justice system is just criminal!
  • Gail: family and friends making recovery easier!
  • Jenay: quilting with scraps, making beautiful artwork!
  • Louise: environmental crisis and chicken farming intensifying!
  • Vijaya: creating beauty, building community, hard work!
  • Ron: food, yes- discussion- not so much!

We did not set date/topic for next time until Saturday July 28th. VJ, Nancy and Cynthia agreed that Sunday the 19th of August would work for our next gathering for us — okay with others?

The plan is to meet at Vijaya’s for a working morning — 10am to noonish — to complete the garden memorial for Jack. We have Jack’s stones and Saint Francis statue: we need cement blocks(4?), concrete mix, and potting soil, also any perennials you may wish to contribute. Pot-luck lunch and discussion noon to?? Suggestions for topic: books we’ve been reading. Other ideas?? I like this from the Poetry Foundation: “Leave-taking, homecoming, and the poetry of displacement.”


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