GNL number 2


A report of doings at meeting #2, Sunday, August 5, 2007
including liturgical notes, major themes, and odds and ends


Good morning, trees, I thank you, trees, good morning;
Good morning, birds, I thank you, birds, good day.
Green growing things, I thank you all, good morning;
Small unseen things, I thank you all, good day.
All life today, I hear your song, it’s endless,
Endless life, breathing and blooming, endless.
I sing to you, pray hear your song, forever,
I sing to you, sing back to you, your song.


  1. Cynthia’s story: The Drunken Man and the Lamppost in the Front Yard, a true account of a tipping point when C and R knew, with their painful experience of alcohol abuse in the family, that they could no longer live with the drunken man statue in front of the house, and chopped it out furiously, “like mad people.” An act of venting, but also of announcement, renunciation—“it’s not OK with us.” This story struck first our shared human tendency to anger, and we remembered our own smaller rages and frustrations—with health problems that slow and impede us, and with our typical busy-American daily agendas that end up overloading, hurrying us,making us tense and impatient even with those we love. And some of us remembered the help sought and found in models of love and gentleness like Christ or Thich Nhat Hanh, or in reminder quotes,slogans, poems. Anger struck a chord for us all, and we only touched on the way a public act can also be a life-changing statement of intentions; some of us would like to explore this further in a part II, and perhaps also the effects of alcoholism in families.

  2. Another theme, a non-verbal one, was provided by the PLACE, Cynthia and Ron’s new Camp in the woods in Blenheim. First, NATURE itself was theme—the glorious show outdoors: the tall, tall trees of many varieties, like a cathedral around the house, and all of us out on the deck in the middle of it, not only talking but enjoying a scarlet tanager who seemed to be flirting with us, and inspecting the fascinating porcupine quills that Virginia had collected from Ron’s encounters with Mr. P. And then, C and R’s CABIN, transformed with 4 weeks of amazing work, into
    their so personal Home in the Woods; we were unprepared for the beauty created from found wood of trees that had also lived there—Ron’s wonderful stair and loft-railings and window sills, and Cynthia’s lovely twig sign over the big window, first thing you see: Welcome Home. And we did indeed feel Welcomed Home.

    • Cynthia’s note: I requested that each CoS attendee that day bring a special rock to be placed in my “spirit circle”— Jack brought me a beauty!! Gail, Virginia, Ann, Nancy and Erynne each promised to add theirs at another time…

The morning was full of Skippy Spirit, the conversation meandered and tumbled along, just as the freeflowing Schoharie Creek would… It was a perfect gathering.


Once you begin to acknowledge random acts of kindness—both the ones you have received and the ones you have given, you can no longer believe that what you do does not matter.
—Dawna Markova

Feelings are facts.
Panic thee not.
(—many versions distilled by Ann Adams)
—Unknown (probably not King James)

Today is my most favorite time of the year.
—Ann Adams


May all things move and be moved in me,
And know and be known in me.
May all creation
Dance for joy within me.
—Chinook Psalter



Sunday, September 9 meeting (10:30) at Nancy’s, 155 North Street, Cobleskill. We’ll read our favorite children’s picture books. So please bring yours, and a brunchy dish to pass! (PS—Cynthia has prepared CoS folders for attendees!)

Sunday, October 14 meeting, at the Iroquois Indian Museum, for many of us sacred space. Jack’s turn. Topic: prayer


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